It’s no secret that Rick Ross likes to treat himself. Recently, he showed off his new high-end Balmain sneakers– though he had difficulty walking in them. He’s been splurging on cars like it’s his job, putting on a high-end car show. He’s even pondered buying himself some lions, referring to them as “my pet cats.”

In a new video, Rick Ross can be seen enjoying some summer luxuries. The footage shows multiple women twerking on Rick Ross as he gives what looks like a laid-back performance.

Rick Ross

In the video, a bikini-clad woman approaches Ross as he fiddles with his microphone. At some point in their conversation, twerking must have come up, because she begins to show off her dancing skills as Ross looks on. He then begins to perform, and the woman in turn begins to twerk with voracity. Not to be outdone, another woman approaches and gives Ross a taste of her own twerk medicine. At this point, Ross no longer is focused on performing, and instead admires an altogether different show. In no time, a twerk train forms.

Additional footage shows Ross and the first woman talking a bit more up on a balcony. She hadn’t totally vanquished her competition for Ross’s attention, however: the video shows a third woman come up to Rick and talk his ear off. It seems that Ross’s outfit, a teal short-sleeve button-down with matching shorts, is doing wonders for him. That, or it’s his massive fame and fortune.

Check out the video below.