The Gambian-Ghanaian actress has taken to social media to share with fans what she looks like when she wakes up every morning without all the accessories.

We’re talking wig and makeup, we’re talking 6-inch heels and 1-inch nails. We’re talking about the whole gamut of modern accoutrements that our ladies wear these days to look completely different when they step out of the house.

Shyngle says she has none of that on her body in these photos.

She has gone even a step further – Shyngle says she’s got on no brassiere and no panties as well.

Essentially, aside from the cloth on her body, everything we’re seeing is supposed to be 100% natural honey from the comb.

100% what God gave her.

Her caption reads: “No makeup, No wig, No waist trainer, No earrings, No nails, No Heels, No bra, No pants, No Edit 😂🤣 just me in my little black dress. Bae said this is how he likes it 😜 What do y’all think 🤔 😂🤣😂

Of course, how natural can you be really when you’ve been wearing the tightest waist trainers around for years?

Shyngle has taken off everything artificial on her for these photos but the body itself isn’t natural.

The human body doesn’t curve this way without untold force being applied to it for years!

She can’t ever be fully natural – just natural enough.

Checkout as natural as Shyngle can get in the photos below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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