The residents were rendered homeless, when the demolition exercise was conducted on May 20, 2020, by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

Some residents affected by the demolition protested the exercise, claiming that they were not informed ahead of time and the residents during the demolition tried to salvage their belongings while others, including women and children, sat in despair and dejection.

Jamestown demolishedJamestown demolished

After the demolition, a Ghanaian took pictures of the aftermath of the exercise carried out by the AMA.

The Ghanaian who took the pictures known as Francis Kokoroko shared an image of a Muslim woman praying in a demolished mosque in Jamestown.

Jamestown demolishedJamestown demolished

In a Twitter post, he shared the photo and said “Woman performs afternoon prayers in a demolished mosque in Jamestown, as the area is prepared for the construction of a fishing port complex. The multi-million dollar harbour is finally achievable as Ghana receives funding from the Chinese government.”