Yaw Tog nearly suffered another public humiliation from Gyakie as she remained motionless when he approached her at a recent event.

After the way they have trended over the past couple of days, you would have thought Gyakie would be aware enough to show Yaw Tog love once they meet again.

However, she felt no rush to give Yaw Tog any attention and he had to tap her to even get her attention.

Once Yaw Tog tapped her she came to life and gave him a hug but prior to that she was totally snubbing him.

A few days ago, a video of Gyakie snubbing Yaw Tog went viral.

The duo were in Nigeria and a video popped up of Gyakie coldly snubbing Tog.

They were together in a room with Kofi Jamar and whilst Gyakie lovingly acknowledged Jamar with a hug, she completely snubbed the ‘Sore’ hitmaker like he doesn’t exist.

The video went wildly viral and Kofi Jamar had to jump to Gyakie’s defence.

In light of that, you would think the two would be on point the next time they meet.

However, they came face to face again at the R2Bees album listening session and it was more of the same.

Gyakie was seated with a lady and Yaw Tog came to exchange pleasantries with the lady.

Gyakie sat quietly and showed no acknowledgement of Yaw Tog’s presence until he tapped her to take notice of him.

At that point Gyakie quickly sprung up and showed him some love but it was all a bit forced.

Luckily some social media users have noticed it as well.

One user shared the video of Gyakie snubbing Yaw Tog until he prompted her before she acknowledged his presence.

The fan wrote: “There’s no way Gyakie will tell me she didn’t see Yaw Tog greeting that lady. How busy are u to the extent that YT has to touch u before u rec he’s greeting u? Lol there’s something we don’t know.”

There seems to be something we don’t know because you can clearly see friction between those two.

Watch video of the moment below…

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