Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye aka ‘hisonlychick’ aka the only woman in Ghana who has explicitly branded herself with a man, is back to flaunting online to make herself feel good.

There are many celebrities, no, a lot of celebrities, who flaunt online.

In fact, it seems for Ghanaian celebrities, the only job they actually do in life is to find something to flaunt online every day.

They don’t live life as much as live for the Instagram likes and comments they get from pretending to be too rich online.

In this environment, Tracey Boakye is the ‘flauntiest’ of all.

She cannot do anything without whipping out a phone to record and post online.

You also get the feeling she’s doing all she can to secure a ‘rich’ life just to be able to brag online.

That’s why she has admitted dating rich ‘Papa Nos’ and getting pregnant for them so they spend all their money taking care of the offspring and she can brag with that money as well.

Tracey has accepted being the product of her ‘Papa No’s’ riches and now tries to flaunt her happy life as much as she can on social media.

Yet, anyone who spends so much effort and energy to inform everyone else about their life can not be too happy.

The only happiness she derives is from looking superior online.

Tracey has done it again – posting a video of herself recording her swimming pool.

She claims her man is arriving for them to have a good time.

Why does the whole world have to know that?

Your guess is just as good as mine.

Watch video below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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