There seems to be a lot of spiritual backing behind the dawn prayers of comic actor Funny Face.

After his recent revelation that God told him to go and apologize to his ex-wife after one of those dawn prayers, the award-winning actor is back again and this time he claims the spirit of God directed him to blast his colleagues Kalybos, Bismark The Joke and Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin after praying.

According to him, these guys are very wicked because they have been backbiting him all these years even though he has done nothing against them.

In the case of Lilwin, Funny Face claims that even though he has decided to forgive him and forget all the things he said against him recently, he has realized that he is still going about destroying his image.

On Kalybos, the ‘Kasoa Trotro’ show creator stated that he is a very jealous guy. He went further to allege that recently Kalybos begged that he allows him to also have $ekz with his ‘woman’ and he willingly obliged.

Funny Face also described his co-actor on the drama series ‘Cow and Chicken’, Bismark The Joke as a poor ingrate who decided to go about and join forces with Kalybos to destroy him even though he took him from the mud and put some money in his pocket.

He ended by threatening to drop more dirty secrets of them if they dare him.

Watch him speak below