A video is currently circulating online which is blowing the minds of netizens making most people ask a lot of unanswered questions. This video is about two teenagers having atopa session in a bush near pambros.

We normally see people especially posting nu$de5 online and other sezual materials online. Some do it intentionally for fun or fake online whiles others do theirs indoors but later find them out on the internet.

In this case, these two teenagers(a boy and a girl) were seen making out in a nearby bush at the above mentioned vicinity.

They thought nobody would see them as it was at a remote place where people hardly pass but unfortunately for them, there was a stranger passing by. She upon seeing this disgraceful act decided to film it.

The girl who was first to spot the intruder quickly got up from the ground and took to her heels for fear of disgrace but the male confronted the lady who was filming them asked the girl to delete it at a fee.

The girl in the video could be heard mentioning 2000 cedis and there was a bargain. But as we can conclude, the bargain did not end well for the boy.

Kindly watch the video below.

Were are sorry we cant upload the video here due to its features. BUT IF YOU JOIN OUR TELEGRAM CHANNEL YOU CAN WATCH THIS VIDEO & MORE//…  Click Here To Watch The Video

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