My name is Mary Appiah and I am 18 years of age almost to my nineteenth year in this wicked place called earth. I was born on 14 day of January 2002 to a beautiful woman called Mary Anu.

She however did not make it not long after my birth. I was 11 months when she died as my father once told me. I lived with my Grandmother( mother of my mother) for a very long time until I was 11 when she also passed away in the year 2013 on my birthday.

It was a very sad day for me though it was my birthday. I later moved in with my father who was at that married to another woman. I was treated very well by my step mother and had everything I wanted. I was the only child in the house as she failed to give birth after 1 year of marriage.

They both died in an accident when they were on their way to a funeral in a town called Wiamoase. After this incident, none of my relatives agreed to take me in as many said I was a cursed child because anyone who got close to me ended up dead. But one good uncle of mine from my mother’s family took me in.

Just like any other orphan, I was treated with care and I was treated like a queen in my uncle’s house. Little did I know he was up to something evil.

He started coming into my room and started doing things I did not like. He for some time started calling me baby even in the presence of his wife but anytime he is asked to stop that, he defends himself by saying his sister’s baby is his baby.

I wanted to report him to his wife but was afraid to do so because it may have brought about a possible divorce between them and I wanted not to be blamed. I told a friend of mine who also asked me not to say a word but rather endure the pain until I get enough money to leave his place.

He usually comes in on Saturdays and Wednesdays, I don’t know why he does that but those are the days he comes in. I normally prepare myself for that though I never enjoyed it. His thing is too small for me.

But on one Friday when I was in my room in the afternoon, he came in unannounced and forced himself onto me. I begged him to stop but he didn’t. He forced me more than any other day.

He was in a hurry and I think released into me. I am very much scared of the unwanted situation that is might possibly befall me. I am so confused right now, what should I do please. I set my phone to record it. Should I report him to the police? What should I do? Please help me.

Kindly watch the video below.

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