A former minister of communications in the erstwhile Mahama administration, Dr. Omane Boamah, has shared some insights into the vaccines for the global pandemic which will soon be administered in Ghana.

In this opinion piece, the former communications minister talked about the looming perception and rejection against the vaccine.

Opinion as written below

Did you know the best vaccine against COVID-19 for everybody living everywhere for now is staying safe and observing the protocols as prescribed by WHO and government? Did you also know notwithstanding the brilliant break through in the COVID vaccine race none of them offer 100% protection even with double dosing? Furthermore, did you also know an infected person who recovers is only immune for about 8 months as the neutralizing antibodies reduce and will require vaccination subsequently? As you well know, it has been confirmed reinfections occur.


Moreover, did you know so far the Africa Union has only managed to secure less than 400 million vaccines which if given in double doses will cover 200 million people? This translates into roughly 4 million Ghanaians.

This is why government of Ghana needs to outdoor its Vaccine Plan alongside an intense advocacy to ensure adherence to safety protocols. And this is why I say our best vaccine is washing our hands regularly with soap under running water, wearing face masks , using sanitizers and social distancing.

Let me also urge you to ignore those who seek to diminish confidence in vaccines in general. Vaccines have helped far more than the regrettable isolated cases of harm hence deserve more praise for a great job against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B and many others. Already Israel is recording lower COVID infection rates among vaccinated populations.

And mark my words, with aggressive vaccination, Europe and the US will turn their COVID deaths and ICU congestions around once they vaccinate the elderly and people with preexisting conditions and most importantly achieve above 70% vaccine coverage (herd immunity).

In Ghana we have a lot more to do as our cases soar and our already overstretched health system thins further.


source: yen.com.gh

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