According to the John Hopkins Coronavirus website some 4,004,224 persons have tested positive for the virus.

The website reported this news in the late hours of Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Out of the over four million infections, the total recoveries 1,348,383 with 277,860 deaths.

Hard hit countries

The USA is currently leading the global count with 1,305,199 infections, 78,469 deaths, and 198,993 recoveries.

The USA is followed by Spain with 222,857 infections, 26,299 deaths, and 131,148 recoveries

Italy still holds third place with 218,268 infections, 30,395 deaths, and 103,031 recoveries.

The UK is fourth with 216,525 infections, 31,662 deaths, and 1,001 recoveries.

Russia has also moved to the fifth position with 198,676 infections, 1,827 deaths, and 31,916 recoveries.