Lover boy Kidi got it wrong this time. Sometimes, just sometimes, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. 

Kidi had gorgeous women front row at a show yesterday but the excitement got the best part of him. As the musician was performing, he decided to go close to some ladies and had the shock of his life.

Sweaty Kidi first approached the ladies in a bid to dance with them and climbed their table but they still remained and gave him grace to not repeat himself.

Kidi, who did not heed decided to try it again, this time more aggressively and the ladies sat down once he approached. It was obvious the sweat was a turn off to these ladies.

He immediately gathered vim from the shame and proceeded to another set of ladies who also did not go close to him but at least danced. He realized the vibe was off and went behind to find others who will tolerate his sweat.

Artistes should realise that their fans are human too and respect their sanitary space. At the height of the second wave of a global pandemic, his first selfish mistake was to host a show and jam everyone into one tight space.

The second was to try to get closer to ladies and dance with them when he should know better that human contact especially sweaty, is a gateway for disaster during these times.

He decided to make an offer to perform for kid’s at Oswald’s beautiful our day. This gesture though plausible, will put the kids at higher risk since Kidi has decided to make an enemy with social distancing.

Watch the embarrassing video here.


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