CARDI B and Offset have announced the birth of their second child.

Fans were delighted with the Migos rapper and the WAP singer who is building a family.



The couple has not yet revealed the sex or name of the newborn

What is Cardi B’s baby name?

in the meantime She announced her baby’s birthday, Cardy has not yet revealed the latest additional names for the family.

The rapper also does not announce the gender of the baby.

But the fans believed Cardi B We welcomed the boy after many noticed that the newborn was wrapped in a blue blanket during hospitalization.

How old is Cardi B’s daughter?

Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture, is three years old and celebrated her third birthday on July 10, 2021.

But the 28-year-old superstar rapper spoils her without waiting for her daughter’s birthday.

Cardy reportedly spent about $ 30,000 on a gift for her young daughter in April 2021. New York post..

There were many designer bags in the prize.

“I went to crazy shopping. It’s all about Kulture, but nothing mine. According to The Post, Cardi writes on Instagram Stories.

“What? There is a reason God gave me a doll!”

Kulture’s mom added: I’m shopping for her more than I am. “

Cardi B and Offset have become proud parents for their two children 


Cardi B and Offset have become proud parents for their two children

How many children do Cardi B and Offset have?

The couple now have two children.

Couples are their parents Daughter Kulture, I turned 3 years old in July of this year.

Who is Cardi B and what is her net worth?

Cardi B’s net worth estimates are quite different.

Hip-hop artists with Atlantic Records are valued at $ 24 million, and her net worth is projected to grow significantly over the next few years.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she has accumulated $ 40 million in net worth.

But the website’s scintillation star keeps her wealth as low as $ 30 million.

Pregnant Cardi B says in a new video, “My a ** has grown a lot” when walking in a skin-friendly bodysuit.

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