Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi has more money than he knows what to do with because nothing justifies this careless splashing of cash.

The former Togolese international footballer has once again gifted his stubborn and incorrigible friend Funny Face a new car.

Funny Face has taken to Instagram to flaunt a new Jeep he has received from Adebayor as a gift.

That, apparently, is the third car gift from Adebayor to the Ghanaian comic actor.

Funny Face recently revealed that he had been in an accident and destroyed his car, which was also a gift from Adebayor.

Hence, Adebayor has decided to give him another one.

Funny Face shared a video of the car sitting out in the rain with the caption: “GYE NYAME. DON’ T mess with one of JEHOVAH’s son .. HIS COMEBACK will always be bigger Dan when HE started. !! @e_adebayor @e_adebayor .. you have done it again ooo.”

He added: “Higher we go bro .. From da ashes we will rise again .. now is time to give dem Rashes !! Baaarrrrrssssss…FOR LIFE IS FOR LIfE,”

The new car, according to checks, is a Jeep Wrangler.

Watch Funny Face’s video below…

Emmanuel Adebayor has more cash than sense, I suppose.

For years he has been trying to reform Funny Face but he never takes his advice.

Adebayor at a point became so fed up with Funny Face not taking even the simple advice to stop ‘fooling’ on social media that he cut ties with him.

Someway, somehow, Funny has found himself back in Adebayor’s good graces.

I guess it’s his money so he can waste it how he likes – but there is never a change in behaviour if you keep rewarding bad actions.

Funny Face has not learnt one lesson in his life from all his suffering and if Adebayor keeps pampering him, he never will.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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